Jeff Dawson is a Vancouver based producer, songwriter, engineer and mixer. He is best known for developing and producing the debut self titled album of Daniel Powter which contained the Grammy nominated (best vocal performance) hit single “Bad Day”.That single held the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks, broke records with 2.5 million downloads and has CD sales of over three million copies.

An established writer, Jeff has written for many different artists including “Give You All My Lovin'” for Warner’s Eleven Past One. Singles with Sons Of Daughters, Laurell’s “Unbreakable” went top 20 on the radio charts in 2013, Calgary’s Lexi Strate’s “Chances” (top 40) and prog-indie band Bend Sinister. Currently Santa Clara’s “Melt Away” is quickly climbing the U.S. Billboard top forty indicator charts. X Factors darling Reed Demming included two songs on his debut EP; “Mercy On Me” and “Just Imagine” were both co-written by Dawson.

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