Lynsey Kitching wrote a great article in Canadian Music Magazine’s current issue – check out the interview she did with Jeff:
“In the studio, musical and technical knowledge and skills are required, along with the will power to keep going. Jeff Dawson, musician, mixer, engineer and producer, is living his dream and that is why he succeeds – and continues his ongoing quest to improve. Having spent time as a touring musician, he found comfort within the studio, “I was producing demos for bands and made a conscious decision to go from touring with a band to being a producer in the studio,” he shares. “It’s tough starting out, and you have to pay your dues. I did take a year of schooling for the technical side of things because I thought it was important. I think it helped me technically, but the way I work in the studio is constantly evolving just within the experience. I think it’s up to the individual to be aware of the changing technologies in the industry.”
Click here to view the full article (begins page 50)

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